Individual and group tours

The Lia Museum offers its visitors: information sheets which are available in each room in four languages; guide books which can be bought at the reception; and an audio guide service for touring the collection at your discretion, with the chance to pause at some special masterpieces in the rooms and get further information about them.
The audio guide service is available in 3 languages: Italian, English and German.
The audio guide tour lasts approx. 60 mins.

Group guided tours can be booked. Groups should include a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 25 participants. The guided tour is offered in English, French, Spanish and German,  and should be booked in advance.

Why not celebrate at the Lia Museum?

Some special occasion or anniversary coming up? Do you want to celebrate your birthday in a different way from usual? Why not choose the Lia Museum, the ideal place for combining the pleasurable company of your guests with the stimuli of Art?
Themed or specifically pre-arranged guided tour followed by cocktails.

No. participants: min 10, max 25
Opening times: Tues-Sun, depending on museum opening, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Cost: €13 per person, excluding birthday person

This activity must be booked at the museum reception and a deposit is required.
Amedeo Lia Civic Museum,  Via Prione 234, La Spezia - Tel. 0039/187 731100;

Themed tours and special activities

Themed tours may be booked. These may already  be part of the educational repertoire of the museum or can be specially arranged either by contacting the museum at 0039/187 731100, emailing a written request to or faxing it  to 0039/187 731408, all at least a week in advance.


To book a guided tour, educational activity or themed itinerary, simply contact the museum by calling 0039/187 731100 or emailing a written request to or faxing it to 0039/187 731408.
You can download the booking forms to be emailed faxed or posted.

Download booking form