Educational activities

The educational activities of the Amedeo Lia Museum have been developed to bring children and young people closer to the fascinating world of figurative art, identifying suitable strategies for each age and fostering constructive interaction between the museum exhibits and the curricula of the various school subjects. Thus, through variously-structured activities the museum and the works of art conserved in it can be used as valid tools of knowledge and research. Educational initiatives and learning programmes divided up into several sessions have been devised with this aim in mind.

There are also research projects which foster interaction between the historical/artistic heritage of the museum and the school curricula: literature, history, art studies, education of the image etc. The aim of this initiative is to create differentiated educational projects which enable teachers to integrate the works of art into the topics dealt with at school.

Right from its early years, the museum has been committed to offering more and better activities to schools, children and young people in general, seeking increasingly to involve the new generations in the cultural heritage which they and all those wishing to make use of it have at their disposal,  and making them ever more aware of its value and richness. With this in view, the museum has participated in many activities and projects. In the school year 2005-2006 it took part in the Integrated Project for Dietary Education proposed by the Borough of La Spezia Education Department, offering a themed itinerary entitled “Food in daily life and figurative art”. Moreover, in the school year 2008-2009, the Lia Museum took part in the project “Melting Potter – children for an intercultural town”, thus demonstrating its sensitivity to the processes of cultural and social transformation in the town. This project won first prize in the “Family friend 2009” award set up by the Prime Minister’s Office. There have also been the initiatives “Art’è Sundays: crime fiction at the museum” in collaboration with Art’è and under the patronage of MiBAC, and various themed events such as the one on ancient embroidery and the one on landscape.

The educational services include assistance for theses/dissertations and research, for which the museum provides bibliographical and iconographical material.

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 Proposals for schools

Let’s discover our museum together, with educational projects aimed at specifically supplementing school curricula. With variously-structured activities the Amedeo Lia Museum and its artworks can be used as valid tools for learning and knowledge.
The proposed itineraries functionally supplement the school curricula, familiarising students with the multiple meanings and expressions of our cultural heritage and teaching them to read the works of art as objects, images and historical documents.

Each itinerary/learning path consists of a themed tour of the museum conducted by the operator after consultation with the teacher, and is followed by a laboratory which can be held in the museum or, if the teacher prefers, in class  (in this case, payment is required). On request, a preparatory encounter with the educational operator in the classroom can also be arranged prior to the visit to the museum (this also requires payment).

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To book a guided tour, educational activity or themed itinerary, simply contact the museum by calling 0039/187 731100 or emailing a written request to or faxing it to 0039/187 731408
You can download the booking forms to be emailed faxed or posted.